• Can We Talk About PowerShell Core 6.0?

    Microsoft recently announced the General Availability (that is, a non-beta release) of PowerShell Core 6.0. A companion document detailing breaking changes, along with some of the language in the announcement, has led to more than a few inquiries in my mailbox. Most take the tone of, "have I been wasting my time learning PowerShell?!?!?" because, at first glance, PowerShell Core looks deeply less functional than its predecessor. Let me tell you what I think.

  • Help Get the Word Out on the 'GetGoing' Program & Scholarship

    A couple of weeks ago, DevOps Collective (’s parent non-profit organization) announced the availability of the ‘GetGoing’ IT Ops Education Program and Scholarship. For those of you who may not have yet heard, DevOps Collective and Pluralsight have partnered together to create a modern ‘turnkey’ curriculum that brings together mapped courses, recommended hands-on experiences, and live […]

  • Microsoft's Brave New World Needs Version Numbers

    In Microsoft’s brave new world of agile, more-frequent software releases, including numerous pre-release cycles… Microsoft needs to rethink the way it communicates versioning. Windows Management Framework (WMF) v5 has, for me, been pretty much the perfect example of what not to do, and the perfect example of Microsoft still shoehorning itself into old nomenclature that no […]

  • Monday Night: PowerScripting Live with Jeffrey Snover & Friends!

    The PowerScripting Podcast is pleased to announce:

    PowerScripting Live with Jeffrey Snover & Friends!

    Date: Monday, Nov 2, 2015

    Time: 6 PM - 7 PM PST (1 hour)

    Location: the Auditorium at the Hyatt Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington & live streamed at Crowdcast!


    The PowerScripting Podcast is live from the Auditorium at the Hyatt Bellevue! Join us in person if you are at the MVP Summit; this event is conveniently close to the MVP reception held immediately after. The event is a live Q&A interview with Jeffrey Snover, Technical Fellow & lead architect of Windows Server & System Center. He is joined on stage by PowerShell MVPs Tobias Weltner who will introduce ISESteroids, and Tome Tanasovski who will talk about Flancy--two projects you don't want to miss!

  • Want to Blog at was never meant to be a small group of people doing good – it was meant to be a place where all of us can do good for each other. And that’s why everyone is invited to blog here.  Yup, even you. If you’d like blogging permissions added to your account, just e-mail webmaster@ with your […]

  • I need YOUR PowerShell Stories

    We all love PowerShell and we all probably have some very entertaining stories about a situation where it really saved our butts (or caused problems). Either way, we can all tell some kind of interesting story around a memorable moment you had with PowerShell or automation in general.  I’d love to hear about them. I’m […]

  • Community Build Server

    We’ve recently been discussing the possibility of hosting a build environment for the PowerShell community.  For those who are unfamiliar with the benefits, such an environment allows you to do things like: Automatically run a suite of tests when new code is checked into source control.  These tests can be run on multiple operating systems […]

  • Announcing our 2015 PowerShell Heroes

    The nominations are in, and the votes are tallied! PowerShell Heroes is our way of recognizing the people who are making significant contributions to the PowerShell community, but who haven’t received any other formal recognition (such as Microsoft’s MVP Award). In many cases, these are the rising stars we hope to see receive an MVP […]

  • Our NaNoWriMo Challenge: Write a PowerShell Article

    In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I wanted to offer a smaller, and more unique, challenge. Send me a PowerShell article. Seriously. My name is Don Jones, and this is, so you can probably figure out how to contact me. Send me an article between 800 and 3,000 words (including code) in Microsoft Word […]

  • UCS Power Scripting Contest - Unleash the Power of Cisco UCS

    Cisco UCS servers (both managed by UCS Manager and standalone rackmount servers) can be managed with PowerShell scripts. Cisco is running a contest looking for the best PowerShell scripts that manage, automate, monitor, and perform tasks like inventory gathering about UCS Servers and other connected infrastucture, like hypervisors, applications, and operating systems. The Cisco UCS […]