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  • Announcing the PowerShell Saturday Booster Program

    We’re pleased to announce general availability of our PowerShell Saturday Booster Program, as announced at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017. The goal of this program is to help enthusiasts build sustainable one-day, small-format technical events worldwide. We can provide organizing advice and assistance, help managing finances, and so on. Full details at https://github.com/devops-collective-inc/powershell-saturday/wiki.

  • PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit Recap

    Now that I’m recovered from the 2017 PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit, I just wanted to take a moment and talk about my experiences at the conference. It was my first time attending this conference and it was also my first time speaking. Both “firsts” contributed to a range of emotions throughout the long and […]

  • DevOps: A Career Changer

    Once upon a time, there was this woman at a TechMentor conference a few years ago, sitting in the front of the room during the “Don and Jason” show, a not-quite-scripted discussion on various “lightning” topics.  The topic at that moment was DevOps, and this woman was asking for advice on being an advocate for […]

  • Pester – Parameters and Hashtable Fun!

    I have written a short excerpt on how to pass parameters from an object to a Pester test. I have turned this into a function: Invoke-POVTest. The function is primarily for operational validation tests, where you might have a single operational test but you need to test multiple cases. (Sorry, I am not quite sure […]

  • PowerShell Gotchas

    You can certainly find a number of articles around that present PowerShell pitfalls that can easily trip you up if you are not careful. I took a different approach in my three-part series, A Plethora of PowerShell Pitfalls. The first two parts are presented in quiz format, together covering the top 10 “gotchas”. They will […]

  • The Flavors of Windows Containers

    I had a wonderful conversation with some team members around Windows Containers generally, and they had some very cool analogies that I don't think have been publicized enough. There's some good technical detail, too, which I think is worth understanding as we move into this brave new world of containerization.

  • PowerShell Conference Europe 2017 Call For Speakers

    Guys and Gals, do you want to have the opportunity to speak at one of the biggest PowerShell conferences in the world? Now you have it! Read my post here for the details and to sign up. Hurry up, because we will close the registration for speakers at the end of November. Also our site […]

  • Pitfalls of the Pipeline

    Pipelining is an important concept in PowerShell. Though the idea did not originate with PowerShell (you can find it used decades earlier in Unix, for example), PowerShell does provide the unique advantage of being able to pipeline not just text, but first-class .NET objects. Pipelining has several advantages: It helps to conserve memory resources. Say […]