Writing PowerShell.org eBooks

Hopefully, you've discovered our extensive selection of free eBooks.

Want to help us make more?

The cool thing about an eBook is that it can be any length, in any style. You might even start it by writing a series of blog posts, but a book is more than a collection blog articles. A good book has structure, and leads the reader through a guided journey that saves them the time of trial-and-error-ing their own way to an outcome. The great news is that PowerShell.org has connections with some of the best tech writers out there, and they're more than willing to help you get started. Drop a line to admin@ via email if you're interested.

You can also contribute by creating translations of our existing ebooks. That can be a huge help to community members who aren't so good in English or Spanish, the two languages we currently offer most books in. Again, admin@ is your gateway to getting started.

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