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Educate Yourself!

We're extremely fortunate to be able to offer a set of free e-books related to key PowerShell topics. Authored by community experts and curated by members of the community, these are updated pretty regularly - so it's worth checking back for new editions every few months.

We're dual-publishing in LeanPub and GitBook, two online book platforms. Both offer slightly different value propositions, and slightly different PDF rendering.

  • GitBook is entirely open, provides a web-based reader, and PDF/EPUB/MOBI downloads. You can link to individual chapters, as well. Go here for our GitBook library.
  • LeanPub requires registration (email address only), and lets you download books in PDF/EPUB/MOBI for free. You can register for notifications when we update a book, and you can make a contribution to The DevOps Collective (PowerShell.org's parent nonprofit) if you want. Go here for our LeanPub library.
  • GitHub is where we keep the books' actual source code. Any comments, requests for changes, etc., should be done in our GitHub repositories. You're also welcome to contribute by cloning a book's repository, making changes, and then sending us a pull request. Keep in mind this is all done on a volunteer basis, and we tend to process updates in periodic batches, so please be patient with us.

Our eBooks

  • Why PowerShell?
    Is the boss still asking this question, or asking why Remoting is enabled? This short ebook offers some concise reasons. By Warren Frame, with contributions from Don Jones. Also available in Spanish. 
  • Secrets of PowerShell Remoting
    Everything you need to know about Remoting, including how to talk to your security folks about it, how to configure nearly every possible situation (with screen shots!), and more. By Don Jones, with Dr. Tobias Weltner and Dave Wyatt, with contributions by Aleksandar Nikolic and other community members.
  • Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell
    Learn to properly use ConvertTo-HTML to produce multi-section, well-formed HTML reports - but then go further with a custom EnhancedHTML module! Produce beautiful, color-coded, dynamic, multi-section reports easily and quickly. By Don Jones.
  • Windows PowerShell Networking Guide
    A guide to managing networking in Windows by using Windows PowerShell. Written by Microsoft's "The Scripting Guy," Ed Wilson.
  • The Monad Manifesto, Annotated
    The original document where Jeffrey Snover envisioned PowerShell's first ten years - now with community annotations and commentary.
  • The Big Book of PowerShell Gotchas
    An ongoing project that concisely documents and solves the most common "speed bumps" people (both newcomers and experienced pros) run into.
  • DevOps: The Ops Perspective
    A concise look at what all this "DevOps" stuff is about, and what it really looks like, from an IT Ops perspective.
  • Ditch Excel: Historical and Trend Reports with PowerShell and SQL Server
    Ditch Excel! Stop fumbling with cumbersome spreadsheets! Learn to use a custom DataTools module to store trend information in a SQL Server Express database, and then use SQL Server Reporting Services to create amazing reports - even schedule them to run and e-mail automatically. All using free components! By Don Jones.
  • The Big Book of PowerShell Error Handling
    This book covers every way to trap errors, capture errors, and more. It even documents the class names of common exceptions! By Dave Wyatt. Also available in Spanish.
  • The DSC Book
    Currently in an early draft, this book covers everything you need to know about Desired State Configuration, including pull servers, writing configurations, and custom resource development. By Don Jones and Steve Murawski, with contributions from Stephen Owen. Note that this was written for PowerShell v4 and does not include updates for v5. Note that this is hosted on our old repository on Penflip.
  • Introduction to PowerShell for Unix People
    A *nix-centric look at PowerShell, designed to help get you jumpstarted. By Matt Penny.