4-8 Grade 'coding class'

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    Frank Tucker

    I have been asked to teach 'coding' as a replacement for Spanish (very last minute request,the school can not find a Spanish teacher)The younger grades will just to lesson planS from MIT Scratch.

    The older kids I wish to teach powershell. I really wish to teach basics, var, array, hash-table, loops, IF, IF else, why there are Funcitons. Flow charting etc. Some of the same stuff that BASIC was used for when I was a kid. I also think powershell would make a great intro/cross into some basic CSV, HTML, and CSS.

    I LOVE INPUT, LINKS, THOUGHTS either here or via twitter @franktuckerca
    The computer lab is MAC(new macs). I will be installing .netcore/powershell on a mac tomorrow.

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    Simon B

    The ebooks on here are a great source of information that you could use for classes, also Microsoft Virtual Academy https://mva.microsoft.com/ there are some good videos and labs that may also be of help

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    Simon B

    Also "Powershell in a month of lunches" is a good read as well

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