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    Not really a question, just a piece of code I found interesting, so I'm putting it here in Discussions if anybody else finds it interesting enough to discuss.

    Jeffrey Snover blogged about Private scope recently:

    Variable Scopes and $PRIVATE:

    and one of the Scripting Games produced some discussion about selecting the protocol for CIM Sessions. They met in my ISE this morning and produced this:

    function Get-_CIMSession
      $_UseDCOM = New-CimSessionOption -Protocol DCOM
      $Private:PSDefaultParameterValues = $PSDefaultParameterValues.Clone()
      $PSDefaultParameterValues['New-CIMSession:SessionOption'] = $_UseDCOM
      $PSDefaultParameterValues['Test-WSMan:ErrorAction'] = 'Stop'
      foreach ($Computer in $ComputerName)
       { Try {Test-WSMan $Computer | out-null
       $_CIM = &{New-CimSession -ComputerName $Computer}}
       Catch { $_CIM = New-CimSession -Computername $Computer }



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    Curious: What browser are you using? The editor borked your code a bit, but I edited it in FF and it took it all just fine. Did you use the "Visual" editor tab, and not the "Text" tab when launching the code-inserter-thing?

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    I did that in Chrome. Pretty sure I was on the Visual tab when I did it, but I can't swear to it now. I'll test that the next time if I post any more code.
    Thanks for fixing it. 🙂

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