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      I got a task to do a script in PowerShell where I need to get out of AD a list of names that begin with the letter “A” with full name, username and creation date criteria.  Then export the list with custom headers and export it to a CSV file Then import the CSV file again and output anyone who works over two years (full name) So far I have done the script correctly in my opinion because it works. Now I’m pretty stuck I need to make every user on the list who went out first to make a folder (no matter where) and give full permissions to the folder – I did something but it seems to be incorrect. Then I need to send an email with a table that states the full name and folder path and that the sender will be no@reply.com.

      The code I wrote:

       Get-ADUser -filter * -SearchBase "OU=meitavdash,OU=Users,DC=meitav,DC=co,DC=il"
          Get-ADUser -Properties whenCreated -Filter {samaccountname -like 'A*'} |Format-Table name,SamAccountName,whenCreated
          Get-ADUser -Properties whenCreated -Filter {samaccountname -like 'A*'} | Select-Object @{n='FullName';e={$_.Name}},@{n='UserName';e={$_.SamaccountName}},@{n='CreateDate';e={$_.WhenCreated}} |  export-csv -path c:\userexport.csv
          Get-ADUser -Properties whenCreated -Filter {samaccountname -like 'A*'} | where {$_.whencreated -le (Get-Date).AddYears(-2)}|Select-Object @{n='FullName';e={$_.Name}} 
          $sp=$((Get-Date).AddDays(-365*2)); Get-ADUser -Properties whenCreated -Filter {name -like "A*" -and whenCreated -ge $sp}|%{New-Item -Path "c:\temp" -ItemType Directory; icacls "c:\temp" /T /grant "$($_.samaccountname):(OI)(CI)F"
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      No need to search Active Directory multiple times. Search AD once then put results into a variable.

      # Check AD one time for users
      $user = Get-ADUser -Properties whenCreated -Filter {samaccountname -like 'A*'} -SearchBase "OU=meitavdash,OU=Users,DC=meitav,DC=co,DC=il" | 
      Select-Object name,samaccountname,whencreated
      # Export list with custom headers
      $user | ConvertTo-Csv | ConvertFrom-Csv -Header FullName,UserName,CreateDate |
      Select-Object -Skip 1 | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path .\user.csv
      # List two year employees
      $user2 = Import-Csv .\user.csv | 
      Where-Object {$_.CreateDate -ge (get-date).AddYears(-2)}
      # Create temp folder for each user
      $list = [System.Collections.ArrayList]@()
      Import-Csv .\user.csv | ForEach-Object {
          New-Item -Path "C:\Temp\$($_.UserName)" -ItemType Directory
          icacls "C:\Temp\$($_.UserName)" /T /grant "$($_.UserName):(OI)(CI)F"
          $obj=[PSCustomObject]@{Name=$_.FullName ; Path="C:\Temp\$($_.UserName)"}
          $list.Add($obj) | Out-Null
      # Set email properties
          $prop = @{
              From = 'no@reply.com'
              To = 'sender@mail.com'
              Subject = 'User Path List'
              Body = $list
              SmtpServer = 'your.smtp.server.com'
      Send-MailMessage @prop
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