A Systems Administrator's Wish List for "Enterprise-class" Software

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    Nathan Hartley

    Over the years I have worked with many third party applications and now have to support well over a dozen. I have found that most software vendors focus their energy on the end user features; while neglecting the support, maintenance, business continuity and, often, the security aspects of their application.

    After searching and not finding anything quite like it, I have created a Google Document which lists concepts and features of interest to someone charged with maintaining an enterprise sized software package. I saw it both as a document that could be used in the selection process, when choosing a new system; as well as, a list that could be given to a software vendor in hopes that they may take these ideas into account when developing their application.

    I am sharing this document, because I believe many of you may also be struggling with the same issues. I was hoping that either; someone would tell me that I am re-inventing the wheel, then direct me to a similar effort; that others might find this effort worth while and join in to create first draft; or even, that someone my steer me down a new path all together.

    Here it is, the Systems Administrator'sWish List for "Enterprise-class" Software.

    Note that I am not sold on the name or format in any way, at this stage, I just wanted to get some ideas in writing.

    Thanks for reading this far,


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