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      The initially proposed process for accepting changes to the nomination criteria, or to the nomination process, reads:

      The criteria above may evolve over time. Anyone in the community may propose a change to the criteria, and should coordinate with the custodian to publicize the proposed changes. In order to be adopted, a given proposal must receive support from at least 150 named members of the community at large (online petitions may be used for this purpose, provided the petition states the complete proposal and collects the identity of each supporter). Proposals must be adopted or rejected as presented; anyone proposing changes is advised to first engage the community in a collaborative process to create a proposal that garners widespread community support.

      What are your thoughts on this?

      Should we ensure a system that accepts both “Yes” and “No” votes, with a minimum required vote turnout, and a majority of votes prevailing? Or something else? I feel it may be important to ensure we can count “opposed” votes, rather than merely collecting “approved” votes on a petition…?

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