Add a functional user in a IIS_GROUP

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    Ward Coysman


    I want to change following code :

    # Add IIS User to IIS Group
    function add_user_to_iis_group($username)
    $computergroup = [ADSI]("WinNT://localhost,computer")
    $admins = $computergroup.psbase.children.find("IIS_IUSRS")
    foreach ($member in $admins.psbase.Invoke("Members"))
    $member_name = $member.GetType().InvokeMember("Name", 'GetProperty', $null, $member, $null)
    if ($member_name -eq $username)
    Write-Host $username "already in this group."
    Write-Host $username "added to group."

    to Read-Host "enter details"

    I already made something like this in Powershell ISE :

    function add_user_to_iis_group $username = read-host "please enter the user"

    But it doesn't work and i don't understand why 🙁

    I'm not an expert in PS.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully replying.

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    Martin Nielsen

    Apparently the forum is refusing to let me post the code so I have to reference an off-site paste (I don't actually know if this is permitted?)

    But in any case, this is actually quite simple.

    First we format the code to make it readable, and then we make the $username parameter mandatory by adding [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]$username to the function definition.

    By making the $username parameter mandatory you force whoever is running the function to provide a username.

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      Ward Coysman

      Hello Martin,

      Thank you for your reply but this script doesn't work in PS ISE ?

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    Martin Nielsen

    I'm not sure I understand your problem. How does it not work? What have you tried?

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