Add-Computer RODC?

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    Kitt Holland


    I'm trying to join some computers to an Read only domain controller using powershell. The computer accounts already exist with a specific password set. In the past we've used a VBScript to join computers to the rodc using the correct computer account credentials. Looking at the powershell Add-Computer cmdlet I do not see any way to specify a computer account password.

    Does anyone know how to accomplish this with Powershell?

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    Richard Siddaway

    You can't write anything to a RODC – by definition they are read only.

    You have to join computers to the domain through a full domain controller

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    Kitt Holland

    Richard, that is not true.

    You cannot write to RODC but you can join to and RODC if you're attaching to an existing account with a known password, I do it regularly.


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