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      Hi All,
      I need your help with my script which is data gathering of my storage
      I running function which show great data:


      I used on [pscustomobject] and trying to add this function to my array, the problem is that i got @{} and in the result it tangles up the context.</p>
      my code:



      I also got it on “Controllers names and modules”, but I’ve overcome it using “replaces” which were also not easy, how can I show the “disk type and size” in normal table view into my [pscustomobject]array?

      to be honest, one property comes with more then 1 value it make my life harder how can add two properties to my array without playing with replace?

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      Check out Don’s Vids on

      He has a full end to end tool created. You can use this your blueprint.

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