Adding mailboxpermission with access rights set to ReadPermission doesn't work

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    Thomas Roosens

    Hi All,

    Staff member 'employee' needs access to mailbox 'supervisor' with read only rights

    When I use the following command it works like a charm:
    Add-MailboxPermission -Identity supervisor -User employee -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

    I can add the supervisor mailbox in the employee's Outlook and all folders expand and are visible. However setting -AccessRights to FullAccess gives the employee too much control over the supervisor's mailbox.

    Unfortunately when I use the following command I can add the mailbox in Outlook but none of the folders expand:
    Add-MailboxPermission -Identity supervisor -User employee -AccessRights ReadPermission -InheritanceType All
    (Notice how -AccessRigths are set to 'ReadPermission' instead of 'FullAccess'

    The workaround was to use Add-MailboxFolderPermission and set the permissions to all subfolders individually.

    Any insight will be much appreciated.

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    Hi Thomas,

    when I had to grant "ReadOnly", the below command worked, give it a try...

    Add-MailboxPermission -Identity supervisor -User employee -AccessRights “Reviewer”


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    IGP IT

    did you find a solution other than using Add-MailboxFolderPermission?

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