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    I emailed my Ph.D instructor, and I am still really lost on how to complete what needs to be completed. I would appreciate any help or tips.
    I made a script that you give a range of number to. You then input a number as your guess. It tells you if it is above or below the correct number. You keep guessing numbers until you guess the right number. Then I coded a timer to tell me how long the game was played. The part I need help with is: how to I add the number of times played, and the shortest and longest times to a text file. another part that stumped me, is the log needs to update after each run of the script. Attached is my code so far.

    #John Hartmann 10/22/2015
    #a guessing game

    $rand = new-object system.randon
    $randomnumber = $,11)

    write-host "this is a simple guessing game"
    write-host "input a range of numbers between"
    write-host "1 and 10, the program picks a"
    write-host "random number, you will guess"
    write-host "until you guess the write number"

    [int]$rangestart = Read-Host "enter starting value"
    [int]$rangestart = Read-Host "enter ending value"

    $starttime = (get-date)

    do {$a = read-host -prompt "What is your guess? "
    if ($a -gt $randomnumber) {Write-Host "Too High, Guess Again!"}
    elseif ($a -lt $Randomnumber) {Write-Host "Too Low, Guess Again!"}
    elseif ($a -eq $randomnumber) {Write-Host "You did it!! It took you $g tries!"}
    else {"You have to guess a number!!!"}
    $g = $g + 1
    } while ($a -ne $randomnumber)

    $endtime = (get-date)
    "elapsed time: $(($endtime-$starttime).totalseconds) seconds"

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    Use the get-command cmdlet to see what is available to you for sending data out. Some potentially useful verbs could be send, out, export, etc.

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