ADSI to get local users

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    when I run the above mentioned script in server 2008 (powershell v1.0), I am not getting output with the local user name...pls let me know if you can assist me in that...

    But its working fine in 2008R2 and also in 2012.

    $adsi = [ADSI]"WinNT://$env:COMPUTERNAME"
    $adsi.Children | where {$_.SchemaClassName -eq 'user'} | Foreach-Object
    {$_.GetType().InvokeMember("Name", 'GetProperty', $null, $_, $null)}
    $_ | Select-Object @{n='UserName';e={$_.Name}},@{n='Groups';e={[string]::Join(';',$groups)}}
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    Don Jones

    v1 didn't implement an [ADSI] accelerator, I don't think.

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      Thanks for clarifying that Don. Guess those servers needed to be updated to v2.0 or use wmi to get that result.

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