Allow Minimal Execution of PowerShell Commands

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    Ajay Dwivedi

    Hi Experts,

    I am SQL DBA in current role. I have created few PowerShell commands as part of a module named SQLDBATools to carry out some basic tasks against SQL Server. Now, I wish to grant execute permission for few of those commands for another AD group like 'IT-Network-Teams'.

    Kindly suggest me any blog post/article/method to carry out the task.

    Ajay Dwivedi

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    Don Jones

    There's no such thing as "execute permissions" for a PowerShell command; PowerShell itself is not a security layer. Provided the people have permission to do whatever it is the command is doing, then they can execute them.

    Security is not something you do on a per-command basis in Windows.

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    Christian Sandfeld

    You could look into JEA (Just Enough Administration) to allow only a subset of commands to be run:

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      Ajay Dwivedi

      Thanks Christian. I think this is what I was looking for.

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