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      As I age my eyes are going. I have built a lot of functionality on associating the output displays of objects to keying in a row number to set an object create a variable, an example of this is selecting identifying log file. What I want to do is have the format table display alternate the background row display color. I can accomplish this but only for the default views of the objects type. For example, files display mode, length last write time and name. I have set the displays to show more details information like a calculated MB, GB full file name, I have objects across multiple servers ect. So how can I display these in output that colorizes the rows different or where I have custom objects like results of a CSV file. I have all names of important components loaded into CSV files. I am looking to colorize and format the output to have different colors and not be dependent on the default view of the object type?

      Any ideas here?

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      Check this out.   It talks about it for email but could be used for outputting to csv as well.

      Creating Colorful Emails with PowerShell – Petri

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