Anyone doing OVF in practice?

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    Luke Griffith

    We've started doing it recently at work using bamboo by atlassian, and psake – I gotta say its great.

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    Chris Hunt

    Brandon Olin is doing some impressive stuff with OVF and some additional modules he built.

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    Matt McNabb

    Looking at implementing some ideas soon, at least in POC. Although I'm not at the moment attacking it from a DevOps/Infrastructure perspective. I'm going to try and implement from a business rules angle and test things like configuration of systems such as Active Directory, IDP, Office 365, etc. I saw an interesting article on passing the results of these test to OMS which I was considering already:

    Hopefully this meets our needs and if so, I hope to blog about it soon. here are a couple of other blogs that often have some great articles around Ops Validation:

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