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      Hi all,

      Let me specify what I'm struggling with here:

      I have a dynamic array where I don't know what entries or values will be added in forehand. The array then has to be converted to Json

      Here is my problem:

      When two values share the same entry name, how do you append to that entry?


      My code:

      $Body = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
      If ($PSBoundParameter.ContainsKey('NTPEnabled')) {
                  NTP = @{
                      ProtocolEnabled = $NTPEnabled
      If ($PSBoundParameter.ContainsKey('NTPServers')) {
                   NTP = @{
                      NTPServers = @(
                          $NTPServers | ForEach-Object {

      If both is used, PowerShell outputs the following:

      Name	Value
      —-	—–
      NTP	NTPServers=x.x.x.x,y.y.y.y
      NTP	ProtocolEnabled=true

      The values both share the same entry, but they are indivual entries inside NTP.

      I read somewhere about nested arrays, but im not sure.


      Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Please read the pinned posting at the top of the forum and highlight your code and output with the PRE. Assuming you are putting this together for a JSON body, {} are hashtable and [] are arrays, so the code should look soemthing like this:

      $NTPEnabled = $True
      $NTPServers = '',''
      $ntp = @{}
      $ntpProps = @{}
      #If ($PSBoundParameter.ContainsKey('NTPEnabled')) {
          $ntpProps.Add('ProtocolEnabled', $NTPEnabled)
      #If ($PSBoundParameter.ContainsKey('NTPServers')) {
          $ntpProps.Add('NTPServers', $NTPServers)
      $ntp | ConvertTo-Json


          "NTP":  {
                      "ProtocolEnabled":  true,
                      "NTPServers":  [

      In the function for something like ProtocolEnabled, I would set a default value and remove the PSBoundParameters IF to always create a NTP part of the body, otherwise you will need to wrap the $ntp.Add with an IF statement to see if there were any passed values for Protocol or NTPServers.

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