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    by veroli at 2013-02-11 04:08:48


    am having trouble splitting an array into multiple arrays
    I have a text file with server names that is split into sections these sections are defined like an INI file
    for example

    [server group 1]
    [server group 2]
    [server group 3]

    I want to read this file in and then split these sections into three seperate arrays so i can use them
    Its probably a really easy question but I can't seem to split them how i want after reading in from get-content.
    Should i split based on the [] and use a wildcard between them or is there a better way of handling this.


    by coderaven at 2013-02-11 07:48:09

    Someone may be better at this, but I think putting the data in a hash table would be best. Take the following as an example.

    $FileName = \\path\to\File.txt
    $Key = "Server Group X"
    $ResultContent = @{}

    $ArrContent = Get-Content -Path $FileName

    foreach ($Line in $ArrContent)
    $HeaderFound = $False
    If ($Line.StartsWith("[") { $Key = $Line; $HeaderFound = $True }
    if (!$HeaderFound) {$ResultContent.Add($Key, $Line)}

    It may be a little long for something so simple but it should work.

    by mjolinor at 2013-02-11 20:33:29

    If you really want variables:
    [code2=powershell]get-content serverlist.txt |
    foreach {
    if ($_ -match '\[.+\]')
    $var = $_.trim('[]').replace(' ','_')
    New-Variable $var
    else {set-variable -Name $var -value ((Get-Variable -Name $var).value += @($_))}

    get-variable server_*[/code2]

    Name Value
    —- —–
    server_group_1 {server1, server2, server3}
    server_group_2 {server8, server9, server10}
    server_group_3 {server13, server14, server15}

    by veroli at 2013-02-12 00:54:55

    thanks guys i will work from this much appreciated,
    i am also looking to see if it is more viable in an xml file might be easier to split it

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