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    I'm trying to use Artifactory as an internal mirror of, and can't seem to get past an issue I believe is caused by Artifactory returning incomplete metadata compared to what is available through PSGallery. Find-Module works as expected, but Save-Module and Install-Module fail around 97% downloaded.

    I can use Invoke-WebRequest and Get-FileHash to verify the file pulled from Artifactory is the same as the one in PSGallery, so I'm guessing I need to do something besides simply configuring a NuGet repo to point to PSGallery in order for Artifactory to properly handle metadata. Has anyone already done this or have any suggestions?

    Remote-Nuget repository settings for mirroring PSGallery:

    • URL:
    • Repository Layout: nuget-default
    • Remote Layout: nuget-default
    • NuGet Download Context Path: api/v2/package
    • NuGet Feed Context Path: api/v2
    • Others (currently enabled, but all combination of settings tested):
      • Store Artifacts Locally
      • Synchronize Properties
      • Bypass HEAD Requests

    Metadata fields always different in modules mirrored in Artifactory (per Find-Module):

    • Missing Field: Cmdlets
    • Missing Field: Company Name
    • Missing Field: FileList
    • Missing Field: GUID
    • Missing Field: ItemType
    • Missing Field: lastEdited
    • Missing Field: lastUpdated
    • Missing Field: PowerShellVersion
    • Missing Field: SourceName
    • Different Field: tags (additional data listing cmdlets and commands is appended)

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