Azure DSC Lightning Demo Question

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    Matt McElreath

    During the PowerShell Team Lightning Demos, someone did a demo that involved logging with multiple Azure DSC Pull Servers. She then went in and demoed some of the reporting available. She was drilling down into views that showed what configurations were being used, what nodes were in compliance vs not in compliance, etc... I'm interested in learning some more about this but I cannot remember who exactly it was that did that demo or if any of those features are even available yet. Does anyone remember or can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Don Jones

    That's part of Azure Automation's DSC pull server offering.

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    Will Anderson

    If you set up an Azure automation account, you can drill in under the DSC Nodes blade and get that kind of reporting. I'll be doing a series on using Azure DSC here soon, but I definitely recommend you explore it. It's got a lot of cool stuff.

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    Xajuan Smith

    Don't Forget to post the cool stuff Will.

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