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    by cycoburns at 2013-02-28 13:44:18

    I've hit a mental block here...I'm sure this should work, but it's not. I've created a variable and used get-aduser to populate it, straight forward.

    PS Child:\> [Array]$ExistingUserDetails = Get-AdUser $username -Properties GivenName,SurName,EmailAddress,Office,Title
    PS Child:\> $existinguserdetails

    DistinguishedName : CN=blah,OU=blah,OU=blah,OU=blah,DC=blah,DC=blah,DC=blah
    EmailAddress :
    Enabled : True
    GivenName : John
    Name : John Smith
    ObjectClass : user
    ObjectGUID : xxxxxxxx
    Office : OfficeLocation
    SamAccountName : JSmith
    SID : S-1-1-1-11111111-1111111-111111111-11111
    Surname : Smith
    Title : Squire
    UserPrincipalName : JSmith@blah.blah.blah

    However, when trying to call particular pieces of information, such as givenname, I get nothing:

    PS Child:\> $existinguserdetails.surname
    PS Child:\> $existinguserdetails.givenname

    I thought i could query the array like this, and it should jsut return "John". What I am getting inside my script when I query $existinguserdetails, is just the first line returned, the "DistinguishedName" value only.
    Literally if I do a "write-host $existinguserdetails", I get one line only. Even though when I manually run the commands it returns the 13 lines.


    by DonJ at 2013-02-28 13:59:52

    So... that's because you created an array. You have to tell it which array element you want. Since there's likely only one, $existinguserdetails[0].surname should work.

    One doesn't "query" an array. You just access data in it. Querying implies it's going to search something for you, and it ain't.

    Curious: Why are you casting it as an array? Get-ADUser will return a single object if there's only one match, and return a collection (array) if there's more than one match. Do you need to force it into an array?

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