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    I need a PowerShell command for Domain Admin to overcome UAC. ( any help would be great) I'm doing a Bitlocker roll out for 200 machines. Below is a working script I've found and tested. I believe using the invoke command -Computername you can list with a " ," or comma what clients you want to run the commands on? Also, what is the correct syntax to initiate a restart to begin encryption? I know command line is. Just wondering how that would fit into a script

    shutdown /r /t 0
    Manage-bde -on C:  -recoverypassword -encryptionmethod aes128 -computername  PC1,PC2
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    Why don't you use group policies? There are made for. Do not re-invent the wheel. Use the existing tools. They are mostly more reliable and robust than any script an inexperienced scripter could piece together.

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