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    Graham Beer

    This is a little script from the brilliant Bruce Payette,

    Function tillXmas ()
        $now = [datetime]::Now
        [datetime] ( [string] $now.year + "-12-25") - $Now

    On the function, why has Bruce add () at the end of 'tillXmas' ?

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    Dave Wyatt

    Habits of a .NET developer, I imagine. 🙂 It's just an empty parameter list, and it's optional. (If you use a param() block inside the function, such as for advanced functions, then you can't have the parentheses after the name; they're exclusive.)

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    Graham Beer

    Thanks Dave. ☺

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    Dan Potter

    It's used as an indicator for us to tell that the script was copied off the internet:-)

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    Tim Curwick

    I am going to assume Bruce did it because it's faster. In my testing, you save an average 0.0008 milliseconds at runtime if you include the otherwise superfluous parentheses. : )

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    Dan Potter

    Jokes aside.. I do a lot of forms based scripts and I regularly use the parens after function names where I'm not taking params from user input.

    Use param() inside the function if you need to set validation, switch, pipeline etc. settings.

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