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    Hi Folks

    Relatively new to Powershell and I have Googled this for a while with no solution.

    I am sure it will be basic to some on here.

    I am looking to create a script that utilises a CSV file and allows me to add multiple users to multiple groups.

    So far I have

    Import-Csv "C:\Scripts\ServiceDesk\BulkGroupAdd\BulkGroupAdd.csv" | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $_.GroupName -Members $_.UserName}7

    My csv file headers are


    Using this script I can add users to one group.

    I thought I would be able to add multiple groups into the GroupName field like below


    This fails however and reports that it cannot locate "group1,group2,group3"

    If I just add one group like below the user is added to that group


    I am assuming that something needs to be modified in the actual script.

    If this makes sense could someone very kindly take the time to help?

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    ok, you have a bit of a misunderstanding of how add-adgroupmember works.

    add-adgroupmember only touches one ad group at a time.
    you can however add multiple users to the same group with a single call by using a comma seperated list.

    however as add-adgroupmember accepts pipeline input, you might be able to do something like:

    Import-Csv "C:\Scripts\ServiceDesk\BulkGroupAdd\BulkGroupAdd.csv" | ForEach-Object {$_.GroupName|Add-ADGroupMember -Members  $_.UserName}

    i don't have access to a shell at the moment... but you can give that a try

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      Thanks David I will give that a try

      So are we saying that its not possible to add multiple users to multiple groups?

      So if I have a spreadsheet with users on it I can't add all of those users to 3 different groups at the one time?

      I would have to run 3 different commands one for each group?

      Apologies if I am not understanding.

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      I came across this which is a different approach but seems to be the kind of thing I am looking for.

      Tough learning curve this powershell stuff lol 🙂

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    well, another post that was submitted earlier made me aware of a cmdlet i wasn't before.

    Adds a member to one or more Active Directory groups.

    i haven't used it before, but if you look at the post "adding computer to multiple ad groups" there are usage examples there

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