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      Cached Resource Not Updating

      How do you force a DSC resource to update the cached version on a client? So far, deleting the cached resource seems best, but there’s probably a better way.  Do I…

      • keep deleting the cached resource folder?
      • restart the DSC service?
      • reboot the machine?
      • do something else entirely?

      I’m running an on-premise DSC https pull server with very few clients so far.  All servers run on Windows Server 2016 with PowerShell 5.1.

      When I realized my resources were not updating on the client servers, I decided to make a test resource.  This test resource is class-based PowerShell and merely writes to a local text file.  I can tell by the Verbose output from Test-DSCConfiguration that it hasn’t updated.  I changed the Verbose output to give me a Superhero’s name each time.  So far, no superheroes have shown up until I delete the cached resource form the client server.

      I check the .psm1 cached file at C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\TestMod\\TestMod.psm1.  The cached version stays the same until I manually remove it.  I have read about restarting the service, rebooting the machine, etc.  But I feel like all of these are a step beyond what an administrator should have to do whenever the resource is updated.

      FYI, I have tried all of the options for LCM Debug mode: All, ForceModuleImport, None.  These don’t appear to make any difference at all.


      The verbose output comes from the following:

      [string[]] $heroes = “The Incredible Hulk”,’Black Widow’,’Thor’,’Professor Hulk’,’Captain Marvel’,’My Wife’
      $superhero = $this.heroes | Get-Random

      If needed, I can post all of the code in the TestMod.


      Thanks in advance,


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