Can powershell do this?

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    I have an output file that has the following inside of it:
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C

    I can have powershell say: If (Product A) then execute this If (Product B) then execute this If (Product C) then execute this
    But what is the best way to have it copy Products A-C from ServerA to Client A, then execute Product A, B, and C in order? When I say execute I mean install(Products A,B,C are programs)

    Would a switch be the best path?

    Switch ($products)
    Product A {} 
    Product B {} 
    Product C {}
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    Olaf Soyk

    Are you still trying to re-invent the wheel? 😉 You really should have a look to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. It is made for scenarios like yours. And it will make your life easier.

    To copy files oder folders you can use 'Copy-Item' or if it's more than just a few files you should use 'robocopy'.

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    I'm sorry but installing just the INF drivers isn't going to be the best route for my situation

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    Richard Diphoorn

    Hi Justin, PowerShell can do a lot of things. Yes, a switch statement could solve your problem. But, to understand your challenge, please provide us some code that you already tried to provide you some assistance.

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    $MB_NAME = Get-WmiObject win32_baseboard | select -ExpandProperty Product 
    Switch ($MB_NAME) {
    "P7xxDM2(-G)                     " {Copy-Item ".\folder" "C:\Users\Test\Desktop\Install" -Recurse -Verbose -Force; Break} 
    "Placeholder" {Copy-Item ".\folder" "C:\Users\Test\Desktop\Install" -Recurse -Verbose -Force; Break} 
    "Placeholder" {Copy-Item ".\folder" "C:\Users\Test\Desktop\Install" -Recurse -Verbose -Force; Break} 
    "Placeholder" {Copy-Item ".\folder" "C:\Users\Test\Desktop\Install" -Recurse -Verbose -Force; Break} 
    Default {"Motherboard not found"; break}

    After it is finished copying over the files, what is the best way to tell the system to continue and install the ".\folder" powershell script?

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