Cannot remove item from an array

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    Albert van Boerum


    I try to make an array of computernames in my network to shut them down. All computers, except a few, must be shut down.

    So, I created an array of all computers and get there computername back.

    [Collections.ArrayList]$allepcs = Get-ADComputer -Filter {name -like 'wks*' -and enabled -eq 'true'} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name

    The result of the count is 111 here.

    Next I run an example code to exclude wks2000 from the array:


    Expecting that it will remove the computername wks2000 from the array. The result of the count is however still 111 and a listing of the $allepcs still displays the computername.

    I get no error, it just does not remove any of the items in my array.

    Does anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong here?

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    Graham Beer


    If you typed


    does it return 'ArrayList' ?

    Also double check its not a case-sensitive issue. I created a [collection.ArrayList] with three values of 'pc1','pc2' and 'pc3'.

    if i do $test.Remove('pc1'), it works fine. If i then try $test.Remove('PC2') i get no output to the screen still, but this time the item has not been removed from the ArrayList.

    Hope this helps.

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    Albert van Boerum

    Hi Graham, you are the best.

    The problem was that it is case-sensitive. Thanks a lot.

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      Graham Beer

      Pleasure. Always the simple things that trip us up 🙂

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    Rob Simmers

    That code works for me. I validated that the cast works and shows the object type as ArrayList. When I do a .Remove("Name") it is removed from the list

    [Collections.ArrayList]$allepcs = Get-ADComputer -Filter * | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name
    "First Count: {0}" -f $allepcs.Count
    "Second Count: {0}" -f $allepcs.Count
    "Third Count: {0}" -f $allepcs.Count


    First Count: 11
    Second Count: 10
    Third Count: 9

    You can always use the Where filter to exclude the PC's from the resultset as well.

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    Rob Simmers

    Ah, case sensitive. Another mystery solved.

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