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    Sean Kearney

    Anybody interested in posting arrival times to align cars / taxis ?

    I'm arriving on the Sunday (Apr 19th) about 11am and heading to the Hampton Inn and Suites.

    Leaving on Thursday (Apr 23rd) about 10am (So leaving hotel about 8am)

    See you all there!

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    Will Anderson

    Hey there Sean,

    I'll be arriving 11AM on Saturday. I do have a compact car rented. I'm staying at Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown.

    Anyone here craft beer enthusiasts? I might see if I can bring some Canadian brews down with me. 🙂

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    Dave Wyatt

    I'm scheduled to land at CLT at 3:39PM on Sunday. I've rented a car and will be staying in Fort Mill, SC (at the Comfort Inn); happy to drive / carpool with one or two people if the times line up. (Compact car, though; probably not going to be much space or comfort for more than that.)

    Flight out is 9:38AM Thursday morning, so early start there. Again, happy to drive anyone who's up in time to make the flight.

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    Jason Lange

    Dave — I'm staying at the Comfort Inn as well and would be interested in carpooling. I get in at 5:30pm Sunday evening, so it'd not include airport to hotel. I leave about the same time as you on Thursday too.

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    Dave Wyatt

    Works for me, will meet you on Monday morning.

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    Warren Frame

    I have a compact rental as well, happy to help if anyone is headed my way and needs a ride.

    Arrive the 19th at ~ 10:30 AM EST
    Staying at Homewood Suites by Hilton Charlotte/Ayrsley (1921 Ayrsley Town Blvd)
    Departure the 22nd at 7:43 PM EST (might head out ~ 5:30 PM)


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    I'm arriving on the 19th at 3:15 p.m. and staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites — the closest hotel to the Microsoft Campus. I'm leaving on Wednesday the 22nd at approximately 8 p.m. I would be willing to take a ride either way, but only if that conveniently lines up for anyone.

    I'll be car less and hoofing it to the MS campus and back each day. I'd take a ride those days, but only if it's convenient. What I [i]really want[/i] is to carpool downtown for Sunday's meet-and-greet. That would be great!

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    Dave Wyatt

    Meet and greet on Sunday? When and where? 🙂

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    Will Anderson

    I'm thinking someplace with beer. Know of any good brew pubs in Charlotte? 🙂


    Also...if anyone is planning on being in town Saturday, I may go to this one ahead of the group...because the name is so enticing.

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    You can't be serious, Dave — can you? 😉 There was a recent email, 'PowerShell Summit 2015 Information,' that mentioned said meet-and-greet for Sunday (also to be announced that Sunday). It said it'll likely be in downtown Charlotte... Anyway, if someone is passing the MS campus area for that, please let me know.

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    Dave Wyatt

    Never underestimate my ability to be oblivious! 🙂 I have the email, but didn't remember that bit.

    You're not far out of my way from Fort Mill to Charlotte; I can give you a ride. Not sure how late I'll be staying, though.

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    That's awesome, Dave. I'll definitely take you up on a ride to the meet-and-greet. I understand that a return ride may not be an option, but one cab ride is better than two. Thanks, Dave!

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    Steve Larson

    I am also staying close to the Microsoft Campus at the Fairfield Inn N Stes Marriott (7920 Arrowridge Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, Phone: 1-704-3195100). That is across I 77 from the Hampton Inn & Suites because that was full.
    I could use rides to the meet-and-greet and activities down town.
    I am arriving Sunday about 4:30 and leave Thursday about 11:30.

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    Hi 🙂

    Travelling with my girlfriend, she needs to do something else while I'm at the conference. So we are planning to stay at a Airbnb in [b]Uptown [downtown?] Charlotte[/b].

    I'm very interested in [b]taxi/car pooling [/b]if anyone is in the same area. It looks like public transport isn't too great from downtown Charlotte to Microsoft campus. We are on a budget and open to suggestions.

    Planning to join the meet-and-greet Sunday.


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    Dave Wyatt

    Jason and Tommy, please email me your contact info so we can coordinate on Sunday. .

    The mixer starts at 6pm, but we don't have to be there right away (and I expect that with Jason landing at 5:30, it'll be after 6pm when you're checked in to the hotel anyway.)

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    Dave Wyatt

    BTW, I've just learned that the tweet was wrong and the mixer actually starts at 5pm. Jason, since you're not landing until 5:30, I probably won't be able to give you a ride to that, but will meet you in the hotel on Monday morning.

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