Change values in Com object (PsVirtualBox)

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    I know this a simple question, but I'm not able to solve this thing. In psVirtualBox module,you can create a Com object using

     $V = Get-VirtualBox 

    Or we can use $VBOX variable. Say you want to change the memory of virtual machine. You use

     $VBOX.Machines.Memory = 1500

    But it's giving a error saying that the name memory didn't exist or can't be changed. But there is a set property over there. I'm able to see the memory using


    Could any one help me with this.

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    Dan Potter

    do this. $VBOX.Machines |gm and send the instructions for the methods if there are any.

    Is Jeff Hicks lurking around here?

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    Jeffery Hicks

    It's possible that is a read-only property so you can't simply assign a new value. There's probably some COM method for changing the memory. Or I vaguely recall using the command line utility which I probably wrapped in a PowerShell function. I am amazed people still find this module useful. Perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to let it go. 🙂

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    Thanks Jeff, that module is a life saver for me.

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    The output if I ran

     $Vbox.Machines | gm 


    MemorySize          Property   uint MemorySize () {get} {set} 

    I clipped others. It has a set property, but if I'm using

    $Vbox.Machines.MemorySize[0] = 1000 

    The memory value is not changing. Can you help me?

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    Jeffery Hicks

    The COM stuff doesn't always work as you expect. I'd have to dig back into the Virtual Box SDK. Or I'd suggest simply building a tool around the command line vboxmanage.exe command line tool which you should find in C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox. The utility has parameters for modifying a VM including memory. Someone needs to overhaul this module. It would even be a good candidate to take advantage of classes in v5

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