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    Anyone know the technique to correctly encode a string value in the format required by the Active Directory unicodePwd attribute? In other languages, this is pretty simple but I am missing something when using PowerShell?

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    That attribute is supposed to be a one-way hash (OWF) of the password, usable by downlevel (NT) systems, meaning it isn't a clear-text password. You're able to generate the correct OWF hash?

    If so, may be helpful.

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    Well, not one-way, but none the less I am still unable to create a string that the DSA accepts:(


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    Hey Dave,

    Problem was related to code elsewhere, so the process is (as expected) like other languages:

    # Surround password in quotes (I needed a random password).
    $pwdString = '"{0}"' -f [guid]::NewGuid()

    # Obtain byte array from UTF-16LE encoded string.
    $encoding = [System.Text.Encoding]::GetEncoding('utf-16')
    [byte[]]$pwdBin = $encoding.GetBytes($pwdString)

    $stringEncoded = [Convert]::ToBase64String($pwdBin)

    That encoded value can be applied directly to the field.

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