Class in PowerShell 5 that run custom code when you "set" property

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    It took me some time to find a way how to use classes in something else then DSC resource…

    I would like to build class (and advanced function that returns this class) that has a few properties that by default have data from specified registry values. Object from this class may look like for example like this:

    $mySpecial = [MySpecial]::new()
    $mySpecial | gm
       TypeName: MySpecial
    Name        MemberType Definition                    
    ----        ---------- ----------                    
    Prop0       Property   string Prop0 {get;set;}       
    Prop1       Property   string Prop1 {get;set;}       
    Prop2       Property   string Prop2 {get;set;}  

    When I create an object from this class then I will be able to run for example:
    and I will get data from specified registry value.

    But the main reason why I want to use classes is to be able to run
    $mySpecial.Prop0 = 'Something else'
    and modify data in registry. But I have no idea how to implement class with custom code when I "set" property. Please can you give me some examples?

    Other option is to implement SetProp0() method but I believe that this is not the right way how to do it.

    Thank you for any help,

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    Curtis Smith

    Hi Bor,
    Here is a very simplified example reading a text file for input and writing back to the text file when setting the property. Of course this is a public property so left just like this, the underlying code would be exposed to everyone. This should, however, give you somewhere to start.

    Class AppDB {
            $prop = new-object management.automation.PsScriptProperty 'connectionstring',{Get-Content c:\temp\out.txt},{param($newvalue) $newvalue | Out-File c:\temp\out.txt}
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    Christian Sandfeld

    If you have an hour or two, try taking a look at June Blenders "A Class of Wine" talk (from Virtual PowerShell User Group):

    Gives a pretty good understanding of how to work with classes.

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    Rudolf Vesely

    Basically what you need is to use get and set accessors. I have just tried it like I would do it in C# but it doesn't work. Looks like PowerShell doesn't accept script block for [int] property.

    class MyDate {
        hidden [int] $_month = 3
        [int] $Month {
            get {
                return $_month
            set {
                if ($value -gt 0 -and $value -lt 13) {
                    $this._month = $value
                } else {
                    Write-Warning -Message 'wrong number'
        [void] DoSomething() {
            Write-Warning -Message 'Hello World'
        hidden [void] doNotShowThisMethod() {
            Write-Warning -Message 'Hello World'
    $myDate = [MyDate]::new()
    $myDate | Get-Member
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    @Curtis: Thank you. Do you know about different ways? I would prefer not using PsScriptProperty since I would prefer using more native way...

    @Rudolf: Thank you. Unfortunately as you mentioned, this way works only in C#.

    @christian: I saw the video from User Group, thank you. If I understand correctly It might be possible to edit set_NameOfProperty() / get_NameOfProperty() methods that are autogenerated by PowerShell. This is probably the only way how to accomplish my goal without using PsScriptProperty.

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