Click on a check box located under Nested tables

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    Naveenkumar K

    I am working on PowerShell script for website automation, i need to click on a checkbox that is inside a lot of tables. How to achieve it, please help...

    I have exapnded the DOM explorer and did a COPY-XPATH, COPY Selector options for the checkbox element, below are the details. How to update in powershell to select this check box

    Copy – Xpath //*[@id="G0_1_R0"]/td[1]/div/input

    Copy _ selector #G0_1_R0 > td.JSSelectGrid > div > input[type="checkbox"]

    Copy _ Element

    input type="checkbox" name="grs0_1" tabindex="3" 
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    Don Jones

    So, unfortunately this isn't really a PowerShell question. This is DOM manipulation, and I assume you're going to have to use the old, deprecated Internet Explorer COM object. PowerShell isn't really well designed for interactive website manipulation like this.

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