Command to find out the DC a user is logged into

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    Mark Hammonds

    Finally I have an issue worthy of posting. I have a script that gathers info from a users computer. I was asked to add "domain controller user logged into" after researching I have found you can run a dos command on the users machine "Set Logonserver" will return this info. is there a way to capture this to a variable or is there a powershell equivalent WMI command or is this info captured in an event log file on the users machine? my script already contacts the users machine to pull info from the users registry.

    I should have rephrased the title "authenticated to"

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    Dave Wyatt

    In PowerShell, it would just be $env:LOGONSERVER, but you'd have to check that value running as the user account. Collecting the information remotely would be trickier, and I would probably resort to just checking logon events in the Security log.

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    Mark Hammonds

    your right the problem with $env:LOGONSERVER is if I try to do a invoke-command -computer $computer -scriptblock{$DC = $env:LOGONSERVER} it will most likly return the DC my admin account logged into

    do you know the security log that might contain that info?

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    Mark Hammonds

    $Var = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_ntdomain -Filter "DomainName = 'CAM'" -ComputerName $computer

    Thanks Bob McCoy

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