compare 1 source folder with x of other folders

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    $a ="C:\TEMP\location1", "C:\TEMP\location2", "C:\TEMP\location3"
    $source = get-childitem "C:\TEMP\source" -Recurse
    $location1 = get-childitem $a[0] -Recurse
    $location2 = get-childitem $a[1] -Recurse
    $location3 = get-childitem $a[2] -Recurse
    Compare-Object $source $location1 -Property Name, Length, LastWriteTime
    #Compare-Object $source $location2 -Property Name, Length, LastWriteTime
    #Compare-Object $source $location3 -Property Name, Length, LastWriteTime

    there has to be a better way to do this!

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    Dave Wyatt

    I would probably use robocopy for this. It has some switches that allow you to compare folders without actually changing anything (though it wouldn't give you PowerShell objects to work with; just text. It's good for the command line, though.)

    There are plenty of examples of this on the web; this one was at the top of my search results:

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