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      I’m trying to zip a folder that contains some hidden files and folders. I noticed that Compress-Archive does not grab these so I thought I’d simply pass all the items.

      This is met with a nasty error. It looks like Get-Item is failing to query the hidden files.

      Testing confirmed Get-Item would also need the -Force parameter to query it. Is there a work around I’m not finding? Or should I just use 7zip or similar? I do not want to change the attributes just to zip them. If I zip them in Windows Explorer it zips them all just fine.
      I appreciate any input.

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      I could reproduce the error. You could workaround with using a Foreach-Object loop and the parameter -Update but that would produce another weird error. I’d probably rather use 7zip instead. 😉

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      This works using .NET but the hidden attribute isn’t preserved (if that doesn’t matter once zipped):

      There isn’t an overload for overwriting existing files but there are plenty of ways to handle that beforehand.

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