Configure LCM to get new DSCResources from Network share when standalone

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    Hi All,

    I am attempting to configure remote LCMs to retreive any DSCResources for a file share when they are Standalone i.e. not configured as Push or Pull.

    I have built an application that will generate my MOF from a template and run the it against any registered Node that is in a particular Role.

    But when i call Start-DscConfiguration i need the remote Node to pull the DSCResources from a defined file share location that i configure and i dont want to have a pull server configured or a a local Node push configuration.

    I have tried configuring the downloadManager etc but it complains of a Agent_ID.

    At present i am not sure if it is even possible so thats why i am asking.
    Or should i just copy them DSCResources to the registered Modeul Locatin on the remote Noeds ?

    Thank you i advance for any help.


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    It is possible, yes. I cover this in, in fact. You need to configure a ResourceModuleManager section; a DownloadManager is for downloading MOFs in Pull mode. So you'd set up a:

    ResourceRepositoryWeb ModuleSource {
    AllowUnsecureConnection = $false
    RegistrationKey = '140a952b-b9d6-406b-b416-e0f759c9c0e4'
    ServerURL = ''

    That's for HTTP, of course, you could also do File if you prefer, and its configuration is slightly different.

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    As a side note, there's no such thing as a "standalone".
    LCM default state is Push.

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    Hi Don,

    Thank you for the very quick reply.

    I was contemplating buying your book but i will definitely get now as it covers exactly what i need.


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