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      Hello –

      I’m brand new to this forum, and was hoping to get some guidance.  We recently began migrating users from Exchange UM to XMedius (AVST), but in the process got some users that are a bit annoyed that they need to re-record their greeting.  I was able to get a script to work that will get one user at a time, but what I’d ultimately like is for this to look at the whole organization for any user who is UM enabled, see if they have the Standard Greeting, and then save it to a location.  Whether I call for every UM enabled mailbox by Get-UMMailbox, or I import from a csv file, that works.  I’ve provided the script that I’ve found on the web (One Simple Script) and what I was thinking.  Any positive thoughts are welcome.

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      Hi, just wanted to let you know that I’ve reformatted the code you posted following the guide lines. Please find below the instructions to format the code in the forum.

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      Just started playing with the EWS API, I’ve not seen a way to search All mailboxes with filter, everything I’ve seen is connecting to a single mailbox. With that said, you’d probably need to create a wrapper around the code that is getting information around every mailbox, something like this:

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