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      Good day,

      Could someone please help with a little guidance.

      I recently built approximately 14 functions (12 public/ 2 private), however now i would like to create scheduled task on each server to execute the functions, then output the data to a sql database.


      I thought just create a control script to do this however i was wondering where i should store this?

      Inside a module folder or separate?

      Should i create a separate module imports the first module, creates a scheduled task on the server?


      Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you

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      IMHO, you should keep the module and the script separate. If you set up an internal repository, then you can host a module and script in a central location:

      Then you can create a script on your worker servers that will automatically update the module and script during execution:

      Task 1: Get the latest script


      Task 2: Execute PS1, something like:

      Install-Module -Name MyModule -Repository MyRepository -Scope CurrentUser
      Import-Module MyModule
      $stuff = Get-MyModuleStuff
      Invoke-SqlCmd ...
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