ConvertTo-HTML does not preserve single column heading

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    Tim Curwick

    When an array of objects is piped to ConvertTo-HTML, it creates a table with the object property names as column headers. But if the objects only have a single property, the resultant table has an asterisk for the column header instead of the property name.

    # Example with two properties, expected behavior
    Get-Service Appi* | Select Name, Status | ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment

    Results in: (the web page trashes the resulting html here, but you get the idea)


    #  Example with one property, undesired behavior
    Get-Service Appi* | Select Name | ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment

    Results in:


    Is this a bug, or is this behavior desired for some reason that I am not understanding?

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    Matt Bloomfield

    According to a cursory search, this behaviour has been around for a while. I can't see a bug report for it on user voice though.

    The bug only rears its head if you pipe Select-Object to Convertto-HTML. You can have a single column if you use the -property parameter:

    Get-Service Appi* | ConvertTo-Html -Property Name -Fragment
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    Tim Curwick


    It was the lack of fixes or bug reports over the last few version of PowerShell that prompted me to ask the community if I was missing something before I posted a bug report.

    It shows the undesired behavior any time you pipe an array of objects with only one property to it without explicitly using the -Property parameter. (The Select statement was just a simple way to reproduce an object with a single property.)

    Thank you for the workaround.

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    Tim Curwick

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