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    I am having a hard time removing a string element with TrimEnd. I am trying to remove the '.jrnl' from the strings

    human.jrnl and

    using the following

    $journal = "humans.jrnl"

    This works fine with humans but human returns the string 'huma'. What is the correct way to accomplish this?

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    TrimEnd() technically takes an array of single characters, not a string. See PowerShell is likely turning ".jrnl" into an array, which means it will remove ., j, r, n, and l from the end. TrimEnd() is a bit more powerful than you might realize.

    But for what you're doing, it'd be much easier just to do a...

    $journal = $journal -replace ".jrnl",""

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    Thanks for the reply. I will use the replace function. I find it interesting that TrimEnd is consuming only specific extra characters. I have noticed the behavior with 'n' and 'r' so maybe it is treating them as ascii codes.

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