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      Hello Everyone,

      I’m having some trouble trying to count specific Service Plans for O365 Licenses.  I was tasked with find all users who still have My Analytics enabled in our tenant.  I started by digging down the levels of Get-MsolUser until I got here:


      So I’m happy with what I see there, so I I’d like to filter it. So I try this:

      As you can see, it’s now not too happy with me.  I know this is going to be something very simple, but can someone explain to me what I’m doing wrong?



      -Rob M

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      You’re close.
      It’s throwing an exception because the Where-Object is refencing a non-existent “Licences” member of the current pipeline object. Basically, you’ve doubled up the object in your pipeline.
      Licenses.ServiceStatus does not contain “Licenses” member.
      This will work:
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