CPU, MEM, DISK weekly usage

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    Venkata Kalyan

    Wrote a script which will give me CPU, MEM, DISK usage. But, I am not able to get weekly report of this. Can someone help me, what I am missing here:

    $ServerListFile = "C:\Users\venkatak\Desktop\Test\ServerList.txt"
    $ServerList = Get-Content $ServerListFile -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    $Result = @()
    ForEach($computername in $ServerList)

    $AVGProc = Get-WmiObject -computername $computername win32_processor |
    Measure-Object -property LoadPercentage -Average | Select Average
    $OS = gwmi -Class win32_operatingsystem -computername $computername |
    Select-Object @{Name = "MemoryUsage"; Expression = {“{0:N2}” -f ((($_.TotalVisibleMemorySize – $_.FreePhysicalMemory)*100)/ $_.TotalVisibleMemorySize) }}
    $vol = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_Volume -ComputerName $computername -Filter "DriveLetter = 'C:'" |
    Select-object @{Name = "C PercentFree"; Expression = {“{0:N2}” -f (($_.FreeSpace / $_.Capacity)*100) } }

    $result += [PSCustomObject] @{
    ServerName = "$computername"
    CPULoad = "$($AVGProc.Average)%"
    MemLoad = "$($OS.MemoryUsage)%"
    CDrive = "$($vol.'C PercentFree')%"

    $Outputreport = " Server Health Report

    Server Health Report

    Server Name
    Avrg.CPU Utilization
    Memory Utilization
    C Drive Utilizatoin"

    Foreach($Entry in $Result)

    if(($Entry.CpuLoad) -or ($Entry.memload) -ge "80")
    $Outputreport += ""
    $Outputreport += ""
    $Outputreport += "$($Entry.Servername)$($Entry.CPULoad)$($Entry.MemLoad)$($Entry.Cdrive)"
    $Outputreport += ""

    $Outputreport | out-file C:\Users\venkatak\Desktop\Test\Test.htm


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    Daniel Krebs

    Please, can you elaborate what you mean with "not able to get weekly report of this".


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    Venkata Kalyan

    When I run the script, it is giving me the current usage. But I am looking for a week history (cpu, mem, disk usage).


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    Richard Siddaway

    The values returned by those CIM classes are point in time values. if you want historical trends you'll have to capture the data a number of times per week to have anything meaningful. In many ways you'd be better off looking at the performance counters and capturing their output

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    Don Jones

    Have a look at our eBooks menu. There's a free one on building trend and historical reports that addresses this question exactly and even has some examples along these lines.

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