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      I think i need a hash table for this?
      I would like a script to loop through a hash table and for each line, pass the values to my function.

      I have a working solution for 2 columns or a key and a value i believe?:


      My issue is trying to add a second value, I would like the list to have 3 columns which i believe would be a key and 2 values?

      Example (which im sure is not how i should do it):



      Any help on achieving this would be much appreciated.




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      Hello Jamie,

      When you add second value,  your hash table values become arrays and you can access them using index.



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      A good old plain CSV file provides the same results and is much less complex I think.

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      Hash tables have their uses, but Powershell most uses PSObject, which from a basic standpoint is an array of hashtables. Take a look at these basic examples:

      When anything is imported, it is typically generating a PSObject, such as Import-CSV. Without seeing the function it’s hard to assist, but the name of params (while I’m sure it’s just an example) is more of a type than a proper param name. If you look at this, you can see how an imported CSV is processed by the function:

      But you can even use the pipeline rather than the loop, as simple as this:

      Both produce the same output:

      However, when I see ‘balance’, you can also do something like this:

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