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    wantto wantto

    i created users from files, and one of the definitions is setting the HomeDrive:

    -HomeDrive "Z:" -HomeDirectory "\\admsrv1\Class\$sam" `

    the user is created and under the profile tab i see the definition.

    the problem is that when the user is loging in he can't see the mapped drive, and i don't see he's folder created



    when i do the same manually, and set the profile the HomeFolder, it creates immedialty the folder for the user.

    1)what am i missing?

    2)what powershell code can i use (that i will add to the logon policy) that when user loges in, it will created on the desktop

    shortcut to that mapped folder (if the shortcut not exist yet)?


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    Don Jones

    The ADUC tool will create the folder for you; AD itself, and PowerShell, will not. You have to create the folder yourself.

    If you're using a PowerShell logon script, you can run New-PSDrive -Persist in order to map a network drive from the logon script.

    Creating a shortcut is different. That's an .LNK file – shows an example of creating a shortcut from PowerShell.

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