Createing an IIS WebAppPool, properties do not set

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    Has anyone run accross the this,
    When I use the following the code any script beyond the new-webAppPool does not get executed.
    I can run it when I test it as a standalone function but, no go with in the dsc resource.

    Set-Target Resource

    ...other code

    write-verbose('Create New WeAppPool $name")
    new-WebAppPool -name $name

    write-verbose('Set RuntimeVersion)
    Set-ItemProperty -Path IIS:\\AppPools\$name ManageRunTimeVersion $RunTimeVersion

    ...other set-itemproperty (I've also tried : & $env:windir\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe)


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    So, my first suspect is usually permissions, since the LCM runs as SYSTEM. Have you looked at that?

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