Creating a domain controller and no auto-reboot

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    Adam Bertram

    I'm using the xActiveDirectory DSC resource kit and the xAdDomain to setup my DC like this:

    xADDomain FirstDS {
    			DomainName = $DomainName
    			DomainAdministratorCredential = $AdministratorCred
    			SafemodeAdministratorPassword = $AdministratorCred
    			DnsDelegationCredential = $AdministratorCred
    			DependsOn = "[WindowsFeature]ADDSInstall"

    The problem is as it's going through, it won't reboot. I want it to reboot as many times as it once to get the bits installed and the server promoted.

    Here's the output I get when it runs.

    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Target Machine is not running AD WS, and hence is not a domain controller
    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Checking if Domain lab.local is present ...
    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Verified that Domain lab.local is not already present in the network. Going on to create the domain.
    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Domain lab.local is NOT present. Creating Forest lab.local ...
    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Created Forest lab.local
    VERBOSE: [MYDC]:                            [[xADDomain]FirstDS] Indicating to LCM that system needs reboot.
    The term 'Install-ADDSForest' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
        + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (Install-ADDSForest:) [], CimException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException
        + PSComputerName        : localhost

    It was my understanding that if I just had the "RebootNodeIfNeeded" option set in the LCM it would auto-reboot and be happy. What am I missing?

    Here's my LCM configuration:

    AllowModuleOverwrite           : False
    CertificateID                  : 
    ConfigurationID                : 
    ConfigurationMode              : ApplyAndAutoCorrect
    ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins : 30
    Credential                     : 
    DownloadManagerCustomData      : 
    DownloadManagerName            : 
    RebootNodeIfNeeded             : True
    RefreshFrequencyMins           : 15
    RefreshMode                    : Push
    PSComputerName                 : 
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    Dave Wyatt

    That error may be throwing off the usual behavior somehow. Your LCM configuration looks fine, but the fact that it can't find Install-ADDSForest is a bit odd. What operating system are you targeting with this configuration? The ADDSDeployment module is only available on Server 2012 / 2012 R2, as far as I know.

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    Adam Bertram

    It is 2008 R2 SP1. I suspected that but I couldn't find anywhere that mentioned xActiveDirectory was only for Server 2012. Thank you.

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