Custom class 5 DSCresources - share methods between DSC classes.

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    Bjørn Roalkvam

    I have written a bunch of DSC resources for my SharePoint and SQL setup. I've been using the xsharepoint from github mainly. But I needed to set more settings, hence write my own.

    For SQL I have one psm1 file with DSCresources classes. Some of these DSCresources are using the same methods. so I have copied them to each class. I'm no programmer. So I am wondering if there is a was to "share" a method between my classes in this psm1 file.

    Any tips or recommendations are welcome.



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    Don Jones

    Not directly in the way you're thinking, no. But, the design pattern for resources is to build all your functionality as standard PowerShell commands – cmdlets, functions, whatever. Your resources then just call those commands, which is what makes the code "shared" between them.

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